Talent Ka Maha Utsav - Free Model

Talent Ka Maha Utsav (TKMU) FREE MODEL is a free to use platform
(There are nominal file-charges of Rs. 1200/- per season or US$ 30 per season)
Age Group: Six years and upwards
Minors have to be always accompanied by parents

TKMU FREE MODEL gives each participant a platform to showcase their talent
in edutainment, entertainment and media space.

The conventional areas to showcase talent are Acting, Modeling, Singing, Dancing,
Painting, Drawing, Sports, Story-telling, Poetry, Mimicry, Standup Comedy!
TKMU FREE MODEL scales it up, if you can say the multiplication table of 555 fluently correct,
that is a talent! If you can create Magalev Train, that is again a talent!
If you can ride a pedal-bicycle without pedaling for half-a-mile, again that is a talent.
TKMU FREE MODEL is a showcase for any talent you might have.
The top 25 participants of TKMU FREE MODEL every season are the winners!
These top-25 winners compete absolutely free at the Gala Edition in TKMU Super-Stars
Please read the process carefully 
Step 1:
Email your details name, age (in case of minors: parents name, parents age, parental consent form) contact details (email, phone number, residential address and permanent address). Scanned copies of the following documents for Identity Proof are a must: Passport (preferred option) or Aadhar Card or Driving License (in case of minors: documents of both the parents are a must). In the case of OCI applicant, OCI card is a must. 
Step 2:
Email your picture for the file
Email your Audition Video, shot on mobile to tmahautsav@gmail.com Please note the video limit is 45-seconds only. 
Step 3:
Pay the file-charges by clicking on the link to make a payment of Rs. 1200 + taxes
The 'Unique Code' received on your email is your File Number
Step 4:
Follow Instagram handle @tmahautsav 
Tag @tmahautsav in the audition video you put on your profile mentioning your 'Unique Code' together with hashtags #TalentKaMahaUtsav and #TKMUS1 when you tag @tmahautsav on IG
Join Facebook group
Share Instagram link of your audition video on Facebook group
If your tagged video on @tmahautsav IG handle gets 1000 likes, Facebook post gets 1000 likes; you get 50% waiver on file charges per season 
You can also ask your school for the ‘TKMU FREE MODEL School Discount Form’
(A letter from school Principal on the school letter-head approving your participation is a must for this)
For participation: 
Apply directly by email tmahautsav@gmail.com OR Contact TKMU Partner Schools in your area
1. You accept all the Terms and Conditions by default once you apply to take part in TKMU FREE MODEL
Hope you have understood the steps to register. For further clarity, write to us on tmahautsav@gmail.com
1. All winners get work in feature-films made with societal significance. Click to watch Reference short-film. This Feature Film will be released [in cinemas film-festival circuit] and OTT’s on pay-per-view

2. Feature Film will be taken to Cannes Film Festival and Cannes Film Market for showcase and sales

3. One Digital Video will be created with each winner
4. All winners get three news-articles with two pictures each on the news-portal https://www.bol-news.com

5. All winners get #BNHAF Awards and Festival Medal of Honor

6. All winners get Free Representation on a non-exclusive basis to find work in entertainment, media and films, all over the world

1. All participants get work in short-films made with societal significance. Click to watch Reference short-film. These short-films will be released on OTT’s on pay-per-view

2. Short-films will be taken to various international film festivals

3. One group Digital Video will be created with all participants
4. All participants get one short news-article of about 100 words with one picture on the news-portal https://www.bol-news.com

5. All participants get #BNHAF Awards and Festival Certificate of Participation