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Bol News The NCR Channel Features are programmes that are sponsored by the users, advertorials in essence, the team makes sure that these features are of societal importance & significance.
Health Tips By Dr. Swarupa Mitra l Select Videos
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मानसिक स्वास्थ्य और संतुलन के ऊपर, एशिया और अफ्रीका की पहली फीचर फिल्म, Honey Kapoor ~ YoLo, १० अक्टूबर से OTT पर 
Bol-News The NCR Channel are proud media partners of Honey Kapoor ~ YoLo on OTT's worldwide from October 10, 2021 (possible cinema release, if Covid-19 restrictions ease)
  • World's 1st Remote Filming Feature Film
  • Asia-Africa's 1st Mental Health Awareness Feature Film
  • 1st India-Kyrgyzstan Feature Film