World News Headlines

UN report: Al Qaeda chief Al-Zawahiri believed to be near Afghan-Pakistan border

Canadian firms contribute ₹354cr for India’s Covid fight
North Korea’s Kim Jong Un appears in public for the first time in month
Facebook extends Trump ban till Jan 7, 2023
US Senate Republicans reject Biden infrastructure plan
Nearly 425,000 excess deaths in Russia since start of Covid-19 pandemic
Madhesi dissidents switch sides to join Nepal PM Oli’s Cabinet
Nigeria suspends Twitter’s operations in the country 'indefinitely'
US announces more than $266 million in new humanitarian aid for Afghanistan
CDC says, adolescents with Covid-19 run risk of hospitalisation
Bangladeshis hold demonstrations in Dhaka to mark Tiananmen massacre anniversary
Covid-19 cases spike in Myanmar after outbreak near Indian border
WHO warns of June-July Covax doses shortfall
Putin invites foreign nationals to visit Russia for Covid shot
Australia's Uyghurs in despair over disappearance of relatives in China
Health authorities call to speed up second dose of Covid vaccination in Canada