Talent Ka Maha Utsav l TKMU

from acting, singing, dancing, modeling to diverse forms
like scientific exhibit, motivational speaking, tarot reading
  • If you can say the multiplication table of 555 fluently correct, that is a talent!
  • If you can create Magalev Train, that is again a talent!
  • If you can ride a pedal-bicycle without pedaling for half-a-mile, again that is a talent!
TKMU is the platform
Gives you complete set of Deliverables
Outreach and Visibility
to talent across formats
to scale up your profile

Certificates and Mentions
enhance education and employment potential
International Showcase
US, France, Australia and other countries
Open to all age-groups
Kids - 5 years to 10 years
Children - 11 years to 18 years
Young Adults - 18 Years to 21 years
Adults - 21 years onwards
Kids and children categories need parents to be present and sign a Consent for Audition
If a kid and / or children is selected, Consent for Participation
Hybrid Format platform
  • Physical for those present in Delhi-NCR, INDIA
  • Virtual for those that want to take part from their city or country
Audition absolutely free @tmahautsav
  • One-time File Charge of Rs. 1200/- or US$30, to be paid by FREE participants for one season
  • After payment of the file-charge, a FREE participant gets a unique page on www.bol-news.com
  • This page enables FREE participant to compete in any one-of-the-three Pre-Finale of the season
  • Top-2 winners in each category of each of the three Pre-Finale compete absolutely FREE in one Grand Gala Finale
  • One-time File Charge included in the grooming fees of GROOMED participants
  • Each GROOMED Participant directly takes part in one Grand Gala Finale
FREE Participant* Pre-Finale winners compete as TKMU Superstars in Grand Gala Edition
GROOMED Participant* compete as TKMU Groomed Superstars in Grand Gala Edition
*Participation in Talent Ka Maha Utsav means you have read and understood in full all the Terms & Conditions and agree to them fully and unconditionally.
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