IFFI 09 - Antje Nikola Mönning wows audiences

by Amit Kumar Agarwal

Antje Nikola Mönning was the actress everyone was talking about at IFFI 09. While cinema-lovers were taken by her brilliant portrayal of Lucy in "Angels With Dirty Wings"; she shocked many audiences with her raw and sensual portrayal of the character "as per director's vision" Antje sets the record straight.

What is more shocking is the fact that Antje played the role of a nun for two years in one of the most seen TV-Series in Germany. Commenting on this role-reversal Antje chuckled "I am a director's actress. I did whatever director asked me to do."

It seems it is her carefree approach that made a brutally complex role seemingly simple. "Ah! It was just that I rode a bike and I was ready for the role" Antje laughs heartily. On a serious note, she said that "she related to the role immediately. In fact, a part of the script is also taken from the diaries I write, so I related to the character immediately."

Refuting that there was any awkwardness while filming the explicit sex-scenes, Antje said "I was extremely comfortable from day one. I knew there was a strong sub-text in the film. It was not as if I was making a porno-film. I trusted Roland implicitly and the result is for everyone to see."

Born in Munster Germany, Antje started off with television; but it is only with WTP International's Angels With Dirty Wings, "my first big character in cinema" as Antje puts it that she really got into the A-list actors in Germany.

In 7 years, Antje has made about 7 films as an actress and it is natural that her favorite is Angels With Dirty Wings. "Not only because the role was complex, but also because, it is a film very close to my mentor Reber's heart", Antje says with a tinge of emotion.

She felt the hospitality extended at IFFI 09 to her team was "Extraordinary! Now I know why they use the term "Incredible India", though she hasn't seen much of India "I would love to explore every part of it."