Driving Corona Vaccination Drive To Success - Dr. Deepti Yadav l Corona Vaccination Special - Part 1

The whole world is feeling the heat of the deadly Covid-19 virus. India too is feeling the heat, particularly in the second-wave, which is deadlier than the first wave. All the health-care professionals are doing their best to save the people. One of them is Dr. Deepti Yadav and her team that are doing their best to get as many people vaccinated as possible at Urban Primary Health Centre, Shastri Nagar, Ghaziabad.

The young dynamic doctor and her team headed by Surendra Sharma make sure that the vaccination drive is systematic and there is no room for chaos at the centre. This is indeed creditable, because there are few other locations and even private hospitals where chaos has been reported by various news-reports.

When Bol-News.Com asked Dr. Deepti, how does she manage a chaos-free centre and ensure that everyone is satisfied, she said that she ensures that everything is planned a day before. She sits with her team and plans the action for the next day, so that unnecessary bottle-necks regarding vaccination can avoided. 

She credits her team for running the entire drive in a systematic & professional manner. The centre has Surendra, Kavita, Diksha, Sunita, Pooja, Rita, Lata and Poonam assisting and working very diligently. They say each one of them was trained to work in these testing times.

Dr. Deepti told Bol-News.Com that around 500 vaccinations are being done everyday, ever-since the government opened the drive. She said it is a big challenge to run the centre, but thanks to the team and people as well that we are able to work smoothly.
Surendra said that it is a big challenge to handle 500 people everyday. There are pressure and many times people get confrontational too, but he with the help of other health-workers not only pacify the people but also ensure that they leave with a smile.
Diksha said that other than vaccination, they are also doing rapid antigen test to ensure that people suffering have covid or are covid-free.
The health-workers were all praise of Dr. Deepti. Kavita said that with the rising covid-cases, they all got trained in August 2020, initially they did RTPCR tests, once the vaccination drive started they started doing vaccination.

Dr. Deepti said that she intially got around 12,000 RTPCR tests done in Shastri Nagar and adjoining areas like, Razapur, Pratap Nagar, Avantika, etc. Now she is making sure that everyone is vaccinated. She said that corona is a reality now and together with health-workers, citizens have to make sure that we defeat it.

Bol-News.Com talked exclusively to Dr. Deepti about the precautions to be taken to avoid corona-virus in Part-2 of this special series.