Aruna Shields 'oops' naked picture ONLINE

In this age of 'too much happening too soon'; a sure way to fame and glory is sex and nudity - there have been never-ending debates on the art & sleaze aspect in all forms of craft - cinema, literature, paintings, sculptor; but the point is film-makers, actors, actresses and even the media use it to further their career, some very successfully! Aruna Shields who couldn't really capitalize on her 'nude' performance in eminently forgettable Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta; crossed all lengths, as the media has widely reported for publicity. Apparently, down with measles she posted a topless pic of hers ONLINE. 
Her status on a social networking site read - the sick n spotty prize goes to Miss Measles. My rash came up on Friday 13th! What a disgusting virus, feels like hell...urrrrh. I'll try and enjoy the hallucinations. The status update was accompanied by a naked picture of herself. Aruna Shields sure seems to be stretching herself to bizarre lengths to get noticed. popcorn media wishes Aruna a speedy recovery and all the best with her career.