IFFI 09 - Interview with Asin

by Amit R Agarwal


Asin needs no introduction. She took nation by storm as Aamir Khan's love interest in Ghajini. Recently, she scorched the Bollywood-screens with her act in London Dreams. Prior to that she sizzled the southern-film industry in India.

She was in news at IFFI 09, as she shared the dais with legendary actress, Waheeda Rehman to light up the inaugural lamp. Amit R Agarwal caught up with Asin during the International Film Festival of India - IFFI 09 for a quick tete-a-tete

Amit Agarwal: How does it feel to be in Goa at IFFI?

Asin: It is wonderful being in Goa, more so since I am here at a festival that is celebration of films. Being an avid film-buff, I am all too pleased to be here at IFFI.

AA: Do you think film-festivals are of any significance?

Asin: Of course, one gets to see so many different films from as many diverse genres. It shows the thinking pattern of not only the film-makers, but also the actors. Some of the films are real gems that can be watched again and again.

AA: You share the space with Bollywood's legendary actress, Waheeda Rehman, what are your impressions of her?

Asin: The first impressions that her name brings to mind are of beauty and grace! It is amazing the way she conducts herself even at this age.

AA: Did Waheedaji commented on your performance in Ghajini?

Asin: Of course, as I said I have always been an ardent admirer of Waheedaji. She is beauty and grace personified. Waheedaji was asking me whether I am trained in classical dance, which I am. She told me she thought I was very spontaneous in Ghajini. Coming from her, I feel it is a really nice complement.

AA: You won your first Filmfare award in 2003. It has been six years, are awards important to you?

Asin: For me the biggest award is the love and adulation of countless fans. It more than makes up for any award, unless it's an Oscar.