IFFI 09: Marina Anna Eich - Germany's most beautiful!

by Amit R Agarwal

There are actresses, there are very many beautiful actresses; but rarely do you find actresses with a beautiful soul. Marina Anna Eich is one of those few actresses. One deep look into her eyes and every doubt is put to rest! Marina is not just a German actress, she is the face of German cinema. Marina was in India, attending IFFI 09 as part of Roland Reber retrospective.

Born in Oberammergau, Germany, the 33 year young actress was "overwhelmed by the amazingly positive response that our films have got", Marina said with her endearing smile.

Though, Marina made her debut on television, her real calling were films and she enthralled Germany with her very first performance in Das Zimmer (English title – The Room).

"Spontaneity is my key strength as an actress" Marina avers. In a career spanning 8 years she has made 16 films all of which have been to film-festivals across the world and won her rave reviews.

One of the most interesting roles she played was that of Eva Braun. Marina bursts into an uncontrollable laughter recounting her experience "It was hilarious to play Eva. I loved every moment of playing her part."

Though trained in acting school "I feel my real learning of cinema came when I worked with Roland" Marina says rather seriously. No doubt she is a woman of substance, for apart from acting, she produces, writes and is also handling the PR at WTP International.

Two films that caught everyone's attention by her brilliant portrayal of protagonists were - 24/7: The Passion of Life where she plays the character of Eva Hohmer and The Dark Side of Our Inner Space, where she gets skin-deep into her character, Jessie.

Marina feels "I am more close to Eva. She is independent, she is strong and she has a mind of her own. She is clueless about her life too, which I was when I was younger 17 or 18. Jessie is more towards the wicked side" Marina smiles.

On being asked would she be fine performing an sexually-expilicit role like her co-actor Antje did, Marina roared with laughter in a naughty manner, "of course, I am as much of an exhibitionist as she is."

Speaking about India, Marina said "I have been to India quite a lot now and every time I come to India, I love it even more."

With Roland's plans to make a film in India soon, Marina says she would love to film in India "because India is such a beautiful country."