Press Release

Shreyas Talpade horrifying experience on the sets of CLICK

Horror entertainment has a huge fan base in India as proven by the success of ‘Bhoot’, ‘Phoonk’ and recently paranormal activity...every second person here will recount a true horror stories here. In one of the most spookiest film, CLICK is all set to spook the hell out of everyone here in India.. Click directed by Sangeeth sivan and his competent team from the south, is not your typical Ramsay horror story but works more on the paranormal psychological level, where you can feel the spirit besides you, long before the lights are off.

In one of the most scariest sequence, Shreyas, in his 1st film in the horror genre, almost had a near fatal accident whilst shooting,in of the most chilliest winter, with the rain splashing against him, Shreyas had to fall backward off the 3 rd floor iron railing of the building. Though Shreyas was tied to the harness and had to fall backward on the crash mat on the ground. When the director shouted action, the assistant faltered a bit due to wrong timing & Shreyas went upside down with his head, instead of his back, in the direction of the ground, Shreyas could feel his blood rushing in his head from the free fall to the ground but just before reaching ground zero, the assistant recovered from his initial shock & pulled the harness. Shreyas was left suspended inches from the ground, where he could have had his neck snapped up, the whole unit heaved a sigh of relief and the director asked Shreyas if they could shoot with a body double, but Shreyas insisted that he would like to do it again, since he did not want to compromise on the expressions on the crucial shot. And after rehearsing with the right body technique of falling backward with the body control &timing of releasing the harness & taking all precautions , Shreyas shot again to give a perfect shot which is the highlight of the film..

Also one of the sidelights of doing the stunt, since they were shooting in one of the chilliest winter with the cold rain beating against his body, Shreyas was shivering with cold. the producer asked him to have brandy and rum to feel warm so that he would not get sick. though Shreyas right through his theatre days was against the intake of alcohol on the sets, he had to break off from his vow...Shreyas had the rum and brandy in the bottle cap before the shots in the wintry rainy night, more as medicinal, rather than to get high on spirits!