Movie Review - No Problem

People are stressed out, comedies are ruling the roost and setting the cash registers jingling. It is natural that in an industry that knows only one language - money; comedies are the top picks; but how long can you make people laugh with a
wafer-thin plot. Half an hour may be!

The problem with No Problem is that it is full of done to death gags. The only gag that works is Sushmita Sen's split personality avatar, yes, they do create a few genuinely comic moments.

The film opens with a robbery; precious diamonds are stolen by (Suniel Shetty and his gang), at the behest of a minister. Cut to two crooks (Sanjay Dutt and Akshaye Khanna) rob a bank run by Jhandulal (Paresh Rawal).

The protagonists and antagonists meet in Durban; where a bumbling cop (Anil Kapoor) wants to do something heroic. His wife (Sushmita Sen) has turned into a split personality as she thought she was marrying a super-cop, but the reality was otherwise.

And yeah, there is (Kangana Ranaut) who thinks she is the most beautiful girl in this world. Vanity!

Thus starts an over-the-top supposed laugh-riot that hardly brings any laugh.

What rocks the movie:

Sushmita Sen, her's is only sane and sensible performance, ironically in an insane role, in this inane ensemble!

What chucks the movie:

Over the top performances.


No problem is yet another of those movies, high on hype, but low on performance or entertainment; the not so encouraging opening will only make things difficult for the film.

July 21 '10; the day Indian Film Industry got INDEPENDENT!