Press Release - Primehouse, (Germany)

Berlin 30.5.2011

Primehouse is delighted to announce the first nominees for the new Award for Children and Family Entertainment Write4Kids&Family (W4K&F). The nominees are the Norwegian Arild Tryggestad, nominated with the project “From Mice to Men”, produced by Filmbin AS and the German Agnes Schruf, with the project “Albert and the extra Terrestrial”, produced by Film-und Fernseh-Labor, Ludwigsburg.

W4K&F is the first European award dedicated to European Screen-writers for Cinema as well as for Television and interactive Media projects in the field of Child and Family Entertainment. The two nominees were selected out of the 15 participating projects of this year PRIME 4Kids&Family (P4K&F) Workshop.

P4K&F is a workshop addressed to child and family audiences and specifically designed for the interdisciplinary development of feature films, TV series and cross-media projects. In 2011 we are celebrating the 10th edition of the workshop, which in the past years has successfully assessed more than 100 projects.

Frank Stehling, founder and CEO of Primehouse, regards this award as a first step approaching the new media landscape of convergence and crossover productions: “We hope this award will foster the collaboration between the different disciplines from classical screenwriting of TV series to the creation of content for interactive media. In our perspective, cross-media production, especially in the sector of Child and Family Entertainment, is the only way not to lose the children and the youth audiences”.

The nominees

Primehouse will award the best participant of the European training program Prime4Kids&Family by presenting the project in the framework of the International Cinekid Film Festival in October this year.

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