Press Release: Soft launch of Shree Narayan Studio

Shree Narayan Studio - a state of the art shooting studio was launched recently in Kolkata. Now, film makers in Kolkata don't have to rush elsewhere as far as their filming goes. They can now expect smooth sailing work coupled with luxury when they shoot for their dream project.

The soft launch of the studio was attended by Bengali Superstars Dev and Rahul. There are way too many facilities and amenities that will be special to the studio.

To begin with, the studio has 15 sets that will be all ready to be used and these include a discotheque, office, modern bungalow, foreman's house, jail, police

station, cafeteria, hospital, street, modern apartment, courtroom, college
(complete with classrooms and the principal's room), temple and the exterior
of an airport.

That's not all. Apart from these set ups, the second phase of the studio's planning includes a railway track, four floors reserved for television serial shoots, two floors chroma floor, a whopping 56 make up rooms that include junior artistes, 1000

sqft area deluxe rooms, super deluxe rooms along with gyms, sauna.

The third phase will include a lodge which will provide economical accommodation to outstation professionals for pre-production and post-production work.

All this would come as a breather for film makers in Kolkata, since there are no studio floors dedicated for jail/police station or even a railway station.

Previously any film maker in Kolkata, who needed to have such sequences has had to travel all the way down south to Hyderabad.

The idea of Shree Narayan was germinated when the founder Mr. Bharat Vijan noticed that the studio infrastructure was not up to the mark in Kolkata, and being a cultural city of India, had much to be desired.

Thus came the idea of building a studio where every comfort came under the same roof that too at a competitive price.