"ILLUSION" - new film from German arthouse director, Roland Reber

Illusion is the title of the new film from the production-house WTP International. 
The crew states the fun experience of shooting the film! In their own words, "After 25 shooting days within 2 months (April–June 2013), a great team, very good actors, a lot of freezing, 200 cans of Red Bull and gorgeous pictures, we finished the shooting of our new film, Illusion."

The film is helmed by maverick German film-maker, Roland Reber.

The film is currently in post-production and should be completed by September, 2013.

ILLUSION is a film about humans and the glance behind the façade of daily routine. It is described by the makers as a visually stunning cycle between reality and illusion.
One story is about people meeting in a bar at night, talking about their lives. About their dreams, wishes, and.. more! 
Illusion is scheduled for a Theatrical Release in Germany sometime in January 2014.