Life in Hijab

By: Surbhita Harchand Gupta 

This article is written by the author, after her recent visit to Dubai and the observations she made over there.

Considered by many as one of the grand metropolitans, oozing of riches and often dubbed by environmentalists as a mere ‘concrete forest’, “Dubai” is an epitome where conservative Islam meets modern Islam vis-à-vis women – the city of sheikhs, where one can see their begums wearing burqas (also referred to as nikabs or hijabs) in Louis Vuitton and Burberry.
Now, I take it for granted that all over the UAE, women – who are highly revered as the carriers of life and backbone of society – are given certain advantages. Yes, like most of the Asian societies there are restrictions that might frustrate any feminist to the point of revolting; yet some of the benefits can be found only in UAE in the Arab-world.

Women zipping around in Porsche or Ferrari; is a common sight, though the burqa will be very much in place.

I didn’t quite understand the contrast.
Is it “Freedom under the hijab?

Looks like it!

Women wearing jeans and body hugging top, with “the assets” peeping out through burqas, my question why do we need burqa at all? Or if we need burqas, why allow jeans and flimsy tops?

Looks like, this amalgamation of Arab and Western influences is done with an eye to boost its economy. Project a liberal picture of the city, where the Emirati women walk almost shoulder to shoulder with any other chic and hip female from may be France, London or New York.

As per my observation, contrary to what people across the globe might think – women in the UAE enjoy a great deal of freedom. I feel the women folk have an amazingly good life here, I really do. Those who think women are subjected to gross human violations in the Arab world ought to visit Dubai in the UAE.