IFFI 2015 - The Importance of International Film Festival of India

By: Amit Agarwal

Many people question the very need of an international Film Festival in India?

I was surprised when I was asked the same question this year after covering the festival for well over a decade.

For the uninitiated the festival was started in 1952 as an initiative for art and cultural promotion, of films from India on a global platform.

Today, International Film Festival of India, has become one of the biggest film festivals in the world. Directorate of Film Festivals that organizes festival every year and is organizing the current, 46th edition of IFFI in Goa as well, says that the festival showcases some of the best of World Cinema and introduces Indian Cinema to the world by bringing a mélange of spectacular films with rich content, interesting stories and characters.

Speaking on the venue, DFF elaborates that Goa has been the perfect venue for IFFI since the last 11 years and the lively and scenic settings of Goa are offering a great platform for art, cinema, and audience. The Film Festival offers a confluence of film screenings, knowledge sharing, master classes, seminars, panel discussions, special sections, and numerous awards among other attractions and hence is of prime importance for every Indian.