Is Zhu Zhu the next Katrina Kaif?

By: Amit Kumar Agarwal

Chinese actress, Zhu Zhu makes her debut opposite the current Bollywood Numero Uno, Salman Khan in Tubelight; could she possibly the next Katrina Kaif.
It may be recalled that London-bred, Katrina Kaif, with her white origins, was written off when she had made her debut; but her grit & determination & the lucky charm, in Salman Khan - saw her become the unlikely superstar! Will Zhu Zhu follow suit?

Chances are there: Zhu Zhu has a great screen presence, is very charming and has got an illuminating smile. She was one of the most popular VJ's on MTV China and from the looks of it, she is spontaneous. The answer will soon be answered, stay tuned on Bol-News.