Union Home Minister greets Prime Minister on the completion of 7 years of Union Government

Union Home Minister, Amit Shah greeted Narendra Modi on the completion of 7 years of unprecedented achievements of the Union Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi

In a series of tweets, Shah said, "The government has presented a unique example of unparalleled coordination of development, security, public welfare and landmark reforms"

"In these 7 years, Modi has on the one hand, keeping the interest of the country paramount with his determined, holistic and welfare policies, improved the living standards of the poor, farmers and the deprived sections by bringing them into the mainstream and on the other hand, made India a powerful nation with his strong leadership"

"For the last 7 years, the people of the country have consistently expressed their unwavering faith in Modi ji's service and dedication, for which I bow to the countrymen"

"I am confident that under Modi ji’s visionary leadership we will overcome every challenge and continue India's developmental journey uninterrupted"