The innocence that was robbed out of from the childhood

The innocence that was robbed out of from the childhood
by: Goutami Ganachari

CHILDHOOD! Just hearing the word brings back that smile on our faces, making us grin like fools recalling about all those most cherished nostalgic moments.

I can still reminisce those golden days of my childhood. It was unadulterated by any vicious technology, which had the full potential to entirely ruin the innocence, the naivete, that playfulness of childhood. 

Right from being fed from our mother's hand listening to those good old stories, to today's kids being fed from their mother's hand while looking at the large screens in front of them, their childhood was somewhere tarnished, snatching away from them all the worldly pleasures the nature was offering which their "beloved" screens couldn't.
From us spending our evenings after school playing with friends in the neighborhood, getting tanned under the scorching heat,  playing cricket and being full of energy during the summer vacation, to them twiddling their fingers at their mobile phones playing cricket online with their friends, life somewhere went downhill.

We had all those silly fights with our friends during one of the many games that we played in the neighborhood colony. While these days, the kids have those fights by shouting at thier phones to their friend's playing online games.
Shame that they never will know the truest joy of a kid's life where one couldn't just wait to throw their 
school bags on the chair after getting back from a long tiring day at school to finally meet all friends to play!
Or how the summer vacation was like a literal heaven to go out with friends to park, playgrounds and just peddle on our bicycles aimlessly roaming around the city.
Kids these days hardly ever go out to meet friends, to let alone visit places, as the "entire world is in their hands" all exposed.
But as exposed as they are to everything and anything, it somewhere cost them their own childhood which was robbed out from them which I wish they didn't!