Brahmastra trounces the box-office worldwide!

by: Amit KumaR Agarwal
William Goldman famously said of the all important box-office, 'no one knows anything'. In the case of Brahmastra the saying is a perfect fit with respect to the box-office!
Drawing mostly unfavorable reviews, the emphatic box-office showing of the movie, gains a credence of much greater magnitude because of many big-budget films flopping rather falling like nine-pins! What is it that connected the audiences   with the film - again as Goldman famously said, 'no one knows anything'.

One thing that the experts did know, and the fact that certain people in the trade didn't accept; Brahmastra hammered it down well for them was, the silly excuse by a section of filmmakers and superstars in particular that their film flopped because of the 'boycott trend'. The majority of the population in India is all accepting and open, why, we made even an all insulting PK a blockbuster! Brahmastra trashed the fallacy of 'boycott trend' with an emphatic showing.

The film again proved that critics with their one-stars and two-stars can shove their paper up their a$s, audience is the real king and it seems 'the king(s)' have really welcomed the film with an extended red-carpet roll! Though as this critic pointed out in the review there are problems in Brahmastra, but audiences seem to have overlooked them.
This critic had earlier predicted the box-office of Brahmastra. Many skeptics predicted the 'Monday' fall, but after a very strong 250+cr weekend globally, trade-experts are predicting another 65+cr Monday globally! Hardly a fall from day 1.
Rakesh Jain, leading distributor of Delhi-UP says, "9 am shows are running to full occupancy. This was not seen in any film post the pandemic, probably only for the biggest hits post-pandemic The Kashmir files and KGF 2."
Nitin Agarwal, exhibitor in Delhi-UP says that the first day and second day exceeded everybody's expectations with 33cr and 40cr nett only for the Hindi version. With a not so encouraging response to the theatrical-trailer, this is indeed an incredible showing.

Ram Kumar, manager of a leading multiplex chain said, "the entire package of the starcast, visual effects and promotion seem to have worked with the audiences. The film has surpassed the lifetime business of Lal Singh Chaddha in two days! Brahmastra will further cement the status of Ranbir Kapoor as the top superstar in the country".
As the things stand three days into the release, the lifetime business of Brahmastra Part 1 - Shiva is expected to be anything above 750+ cr globally - but as Goldman said right at the start of this article, 'no one knows anything'.