Sanna Marin and party that rocked the cradle!

For the uninitiated Sanna Marin is the current Prime Minister of Finland. Sanna Marin partying rocked the cradle, well, the cradle of politics no less! Is it fair for the world to put her up on trial? 

Goutami Ganachari finds out.

Name : Sanna Marin
Crime : Guilty of partying
Case : Should political leaders party or not? 
Trial : You can't. In this world of commoners, business tycoons and political leaders, it's apparently a blasphemy for the "people in power" to let loose and shake a leg for one day at their own private space!
Yes, you heard it right. Recently the world saw how the Finland's Prime Minister was under fire for having fun with her close friends after the video went viral on the internet. The countrymen didn't like seeing their elected PM trying to act like a normal human being. How could she party like that, let alone even dream about such a thing? And the judgment was already passed saying how she is such an incompetent leader who is a party animal and just can't justify her leadership. 

The youngest ever Prime Minister of Finland was just reduced to an irresponsible person who didn't know her job after the video went viral across the internet, to such an extent that she had to give a speech on how she too is human just like any one else. And that in spite of whatever opinion is being passed on the social media about her "lacking" professional behavior, she never missed a day of work, never backed away from any challenge that was thrown at her in any ways.
She had to give a statement to prove her abilities and competency to win back the trust of her people. This is such a pity state where everyone is judged for everything and are always under someone's scrutiny, to not have a moment of peace or privacy. 
In this age of social media, a human being, just for the fact that she is a leader; can't enjoy with her friends at their own exclusive space with having several allegations thrown against them. Low cost internet has given the advantage for everyone to hide behind the profile and become hate mongers and spread vengeful, spiteful messages.
It's time people realize how hateful and judgemental the populace of the world  is becoming day by day!
Verdict : There are a lot of terrible things happening in the world, and Sanna Marin partying isn't one of them. The world leaders have their personal life as well, other than serving their country and the world.