Talent Ka Maha Utsav announced internationally at the 10th #BNHAF Awards and Festival

Lord Baden-Powell National Award 2020 winner, Amit R Agarwal launched the International Editions of #BNHAF Awards and Festival in the US with the 10th Edition that was simultaneously held in India, Australia, Poland and the US. Agarwal also the winner of Karmaveer Chakra Award given by iCONGO partnered with the United Nations, said that his vision when he started #BNHAF was to establish a global platform; he achieved it with the 10th edition.
Gem Mines and Rekha Vohraa Foundation that have been pillars of support of #BNHAF Awards and Festival since its inception felt proud that #BNHAF Awards and Festival is now a multi-continent entity.
Amit Gupta, founder Gem Mines said that just like Gem Mines is a global entity, #BNHAF Awards and Festival too is a global entity with in the 10th Edition. Gupta lauded Agarwal's efforts by taking the awards and festival out to the Americas, Europe and Oceania other than Asia.
Rekha Vohraa drew parallels of her NGO's work with that of #BNHAF. She said that just like she is nurturing the stray dogs by providing them a safe and conducive environment by giving them food and shelter; Agarwal is doing that through #BNHAF by nurturing indie-filmmakers.   
Agarwal said, "10th edition is especially special because I announced Talent Ka Maha Utsav pre-launch Season on an international platform." The event saw awarding Talent Ka Maha Utsav Pre-Launch Season Awards. Two students of Indian origin were chosen for the awards in the categories of Best Scientific Exhibit (Kiaan) and Best Public Speaker (Suhaani).
Addressing the media about 'Talent Ka Maha Utsav' at the Secaucus Public Library and Business Resource Centre as Agarwal concluded the US-leg of the launch of his 2nd book, "The Making of Virgin.. Mira", Agarwal said he always wanted to fuse varied art-forms under one single entity. "Talent Ka Maha Utsav is the result of this idea Amit had," added Rekha over a zoom call.
With respect to his 2nd book, 'The Making of Virgin.. Mira', Agarwal thanked the Consul General, Dr. Angel Angelov, Consulate of Bulgaria, New York, as Dr. Angelov extended his support for the book by saying it is very important to nurture the fast eroding concept of writing and reading books in physical form.
The 10th Edition was curated by US based Prasan Kumar, author of the children's book "Alpacas Love Apples". He asked Agarwal to shed light on multi-creative pursuits - #BNHAF Awards and Festival, New York Fashion Week and Talent Ka Maha Utsav in particular.

Agarwal said that Talent Ka Maha Utsav is very dear to him, as he has seen the plethora of talent that lies untapped not only in India, but across the world. Parents too feel the severe constraints they have in getting their children the right platform to showcase talent. Like he saw the Magalev Train science-project done by Kiaan, which was simply wow! Or why do apples rust or get brown by a young-girl all of 10; or for that matter, the tsunami phenomenon by another girl in the same age-group - this too is talent! But after the science-fair these will be forgotten within a week! Agarwal wants these to go out to as many parents and children as possible, not only today or tomorrow but even after decades - this is where Talent Ka Maha Utsav comes in.

On being queried, is singing, dancing, acting; also a part of Talent Ka Maha Utsav?
Agarwal asserted that TKMU is a unique platform in film, entertainment, media and edutainment space. The thought is that anything unique is a talent, so celebrate any talent, anyone might have. This celebration also helps or might help the children in future to forge a formidable career!

On being queried, is TKMU a children specific talent platform?
Agarwal said the focus initially is on children, but as his septuagenarian aunt lightly said, "we too are talented"; so Talent Ka Maha Utsav is open to taking any person that is brimming with talent because a grand celebration is what Talent Ka Maha Utsav, in essence, is all about!

Speaking about New York Fashion Week, Agarwal said though he has been Jury-Head and Guest of Honor on various fashion weeks in India and Asian countries, he hasn't seen anything like New York Fashion Week, it is simply astounding. Since he has been a consultant with various fashion-shows and beauty-pageants, he said he will add his experience at the #NYFW to these shows and pageants.
Agarwal also announced the dates for the 11th #BNHAF Awards and Festival scheduled from 23 April '23 to 27 April '23.