Ajmer 92 l Not Just A Review

By: Amit KumaR Agarwal

'Ajmer 92' just like '72 Hoorain' is a very important film, again not because of some cinematic genius, but simply because it is a tight and resounding slap across the face of all those that called 'The Kashmir Files' and 'The Kerala Story' propaganda films. 
Having said that, just like '72 Hoorain', the film's narrative lacks the punch a film of such importance ought to have; with the entire world including muslim dominated nations, reeling under islamic extremism.
The plot is about the much-reported systematic gang-rape and blackmail of more than 250 girls or more in Ajmer that went on from 1987 till the lid blew in 1992. Just like in reality, the film ends with an open-ending.
The weakest link of the film is the protagonist Madhav played by Karan Verma, he is no actor. His reactions do not match the actions happening in the film. In such a set-up, if the film holds at all it is because of the grossly inhuman wrong (infamous sex-scandal of Ajmer) that unfortunately didn't get the 'just' justice.
The screenplay omits the fact that the serial-rapists belonged to khadim family of a revered dargah, ironically frequented by Hindus or that they were at the top posts of a political party. Even references to love aatankwaad are muted in the film. Reports say that girls that were raped were as young as 14 and as old as 17. This isn't referred to in the film. Why?
Sumit Singh does a fine job as Geeta. Brijendra Kala, Rajesh Sharma and the guy playing Mohan, Aakash Dahiya lend adequate support.
In the end just like the victims of Ajmer didn't get the justice (recently, the entire nation is outraged by the stripping and rape of two women in the background of riots, here it is 250 women, children in fact, with no background of riots) the film too fails in giving a taut account of the ordeal. 
Just like the case needs a re-hearing, it is to be noted that the rapists were no ordinary rapists, they were serial-rapists, hardened criminals; the sex-scandal of Ajmer too needs a re-telling.