Ghoomer l Not Just A Review

 By: Amit KumaR Agarwal

"Ghoomer" R. Balki's latest feature, is the story of grit, determination and perseverance in the face of huge adversity. Where a failure becomes a winner by nurturing budding talent into a maestro. But first things first, what does Ghoomer mean, since the film is based on cricket Ghoomer is a spinner that bowls with a peculiar dance-action! 

Ani or Anina (Saiyami Kher) is an upcoming cricketer who wants to play for India. She is selected in the team to represent India that is soon to tour England; but a frustrated ex-cricketer from team India Padam Singh Sodhi or Paddy (Abhishek Bachchan) calls her and her team-mates no-good. Ani takes it to her heart and leaves to vent out her pent-up feelings. Unfortunately, she meets with a horrific road accident. She loses her right-arm elbow down. Her dream for playing for India shattered.
In comes Paddy, offering to help her groom into a formidable talent. Help her secure her place in the Indian team with in ten months. Why is Paddy helping Ani out, is it his guilt-consciousness or is he in any way related to the accident that changed Ani's life?
R. Balki is one of the few filmmakers with an amazing line-up of films, irrespective whether the film makes money or not, his films work with audiences with cinematic sensibilities. Cheeni Kum, Paa, Shamitabh, Ki and Ka, Padman, Chup and now Ghoomer.

Balki has successfully packed the film with emotions and humor. Though since humor is subtle rather than slapstick, it is class appealing. The way Balki connects the remaining dots of the narrative in the finale is just outstanding!

Performances are hallmark of Ghoomer, even in a cameo! Amitabh Bachchan is just endearing as a commentator in the climax, his subtle humor and emotions will surely leave the gentry doubling up with laughter and a tear, here and there!
Abhishek Bachchan is outstanding as Paddy. His portrayal as a frustrated ex-cricketer is so natural that for once audiences don't even feel he is acting. Saiyami Kher gets her career-best role in Ghoomer and she hits it out of the stadium, she is simply brilliant and flawless as Anina. In fact, as an audience you root for her. Abhishek. Saiyami and Balki ought to win awards for this one!
The supporting cast headed by Shabana Azmi, Angad Bedi and others play their parts very well. R. Balki as always delivers a wonderful film. Two tracks by Amit Trivedi stand out: Dil Dumchalla and Ghoomer; as does the BGM. Vishal Sinha does a commendable job behind the camera.
On the whole despite the very strong merits, the film will find the going tough at the box-office in the ongoing Gadar 2 and OMG 2 wave, though it will surely be one of the most watched films on satellite and OTT's.