Talent Ka Maha Utsav powered by #BNHAF Awards and Festival l One-on-One Awardee Editions l Alicia Chiesa

Talent Ka Maha Utsav is elated to host #BNHAF One-on-One Awardee Editions with Alicia Chiesa, actress and model based in Italy. She was interested in making a career in entertainment industry since childhood. She readily took the offer to be a model in her teens. From modeling, very soon Alicia started her acting career.
One of Alicia's most notable work is in the top-rated Netflix series Yara in 2021. She won rave reviews for her role. She is currently riding high on the wave of the success of her latest show  ll Paradiso delle Signore in which she portrays one of the lead roles, Lucia Giorgi.
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