Movie Review - Tum Mile

by Amit R Agarwal

Disaster movies need a very innovative screenplay to work. Unfortunately, Bollywood can’t really talk about a single disaster movie that either got critical acclaim or reaped box-office returns; will Tum Mile change the tide?

The most famous disaster movie that fused a love-story in the narrative is Titanic. If the makers of Tum Mile thought to recreate Titanic on Indian screen with Tum Mile; they have failed miserably. Though, they have the two lovers surviving the odds on the fateful day of 26th July 2005 – the proceedings are mundane and the emotions are too superficial to keep the viewers engrossed.

The film opens in Cape Town, where Akshay (Emraan Hashmi) meets Sanjana (Soha Ali Khan). It is love at first sight for them. They start to live-in, however, they have problems and they split.

Six years later, they meet on a flight to Mumbai, needless to say the flight lands on 26th July, 2005.

The film’s narrative style is good fusing the vignettes of flashback with present and that momentarily keeps the viewers interest alive in the star-crossed lovers’ story; though, with an uninspiring screenplay for how long can you keep the viewers interest alive?

Ironically, there was a smaller movie, I guess two years back – 26th July at Barista – a small film it sank without a trace; still it had a sequence or two that were strong, Tum Mile is devoid of even them!

Another disaster movie opened with Tum Mile – 2012 – I suggest the makers to watch 2012 immediately – then they will know, the life a lively screenplay can infuse into a film!

The film fails on all counts – be it production-design, the VFX, screenplay, direction or acting. The only area it scores in; is music – two of the tracks are already hit.

Director Kunal Deshmukh fails as a director to hook the audiences. In fact, it seems that the film just spirals out of control of the director’s grip.

What rocks the movie:

What chucks the movie:

If you are looking at the thrills of a disaster movie, 2012 and not TUM MILE should be your choice for the weekend.