Press Release

Dunno Y... Na Jaane Kyun India's answer to Brokeback Mountain?

In a rather bold move, producer Anil Sharma's bilingual film Dunno Y... Na Jaane Kyun is all set to be India's answer to Brokeback Mountain. To be directed by Sanjay Sharma, the film will be handling the subject of homesexuality. And, it won't be a timepass handling like most Indian films have done so far. Sanjay Sharma doesn't belive in being casual or bold about it as much as doing justice to the subject. The portrayal will be emotional and sensitive and will also have some rather graphic scenes between two male protagonists. However, it will all be done aesthetically and is not meant just for titillating or sensationalizing. The biggest wonder is that debutant Kapil Sharma would be one of those homesexual protagonists! So isn't he worried about being typecast since it's his debut? No, he isn't, because he feels Indian audience has matured by now to know that it is just a character that he is playing. What about being laughed at? The young gun is not bothered about that either as he knows that if one is different and takes a risk, brickbats come by as much as bouquets. Being a professional actor, Kapil has even done some kissing and love-making scenes since it's all part of the job!

The film would be depicting the relationship between two men with as much honesty as a heterosexual relationship. Sanjay Sharna's simple logic is, if it were a man and a woman, they would have shown it the way it is, so why not if it's two men? Well, they have a lot of faith in Indian audience which has matured after the amendment in Section 377. So, this will be well-timed we guess!