Movie Review - Prince It's Showtime

Prince – it’s NO-SHOW time!
By: Amit R Agarwal

Prince brings to fore the perennial global question can adfilm-makers and music-video makers really make a good film?

Debutant director, Kookie V Gulati has directed a string of videos for TIPS; sources reveal he is also the brother-in-law of one of Taurani brothers, is that the reason he got to make this mega-budget film?

For Prince is one of those big-budget films that is high on style and substance, but fails to give the film a soul – the undoing of the film; on the face of it Prince borrows heavily from yesteryear cult-classic Jewel Thief – even the name of the protagonist here is Prince as was Dev Anand’s supposedly antagonist character’s in Jewel Theif; but while Goldie (late Vijay Anand) successfully created a taut thriller, Kookie V Gulati fails to create an edge-of-the-seat action-thriller.

Prince opens with the protagonist, Prince (Vivek) committing a daring robbery; this is followed by the credit titles; as they end – Prince is shown as suffering from memory loss. Before you can cry out Ghajini, he gets a call from his girlfriend, Maya.

Enter Maya 1 (Neeru Singh), she tells Prince that they worked for a dreaded criminal Sarang (Isiah) and it is because of an antique coin that he has suffered memory loss.

Before the things can sink in, enter Maya 2 (Nandana Sen); she tells Prince that they both are CBI officers and they are working undercover for Khan (Sanjay Kapoor) to nab Sarang.

While Prince is in a dilemma whom to believe a third Maya enters (Aruna Shields) and soon convinces Prince that she is the real Maya – they both worked for Sarang and to get free from the clutches of Sarang they decide to hand him over to Khan.

Confused! Still want to know about the reality?

Oh yes, in between there is IGIP, headed by Khanna (Dalip Tahil); now why on earth is an Indian agency though free (as claimed in a dialogue) will set base in South Africa?

Obviously the plot was good but two things mar the film the director, Kookie V Gulati’s treatment and the lead actor Vivek Oberoi’s no show.

What rocks the movie:

Stylized technique, be it cinematography or editing style or the action, the film wears a polished look.
Production values
Locations, South Africa looks mesmerizing

What chucks the movie:

Director fails to keep the tempo of the film and make a fast paced thriller.
Performances. Had it been a more charismatic actor than Vivek, the film would have worked better. Aruna Shields is too stiff. The best actress of the lot, Nandana Sen, sadly hams it up, here.


If you are in for a thriller – Jewel Thief is a much better watch; if you are in for Vivek Oberoi – Company is a better watch!

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