Movie Review - Lafangey Parindey

The redemption of protagonist after he accidentally kills or handicaps is not a new concept. The most successful of the genre are two of Rajesh Khanna’s biggest hits – Dushman and Roti.

The latest film from YRF, Lafangey Parindey follows the same genre and has a decent story, but the film is marred by a lifeless screenplay.

Lafange Parindey is about Nandu (Neil Nitin Mukesh) who is a star-fighter at the illegal boxing-bouts. He lives in a waadi with his street-smart gang. The same waadi has a dreamer Pinky (Deepika Padukone), she is a skate-dancer and aspires to win India’s Got Talent.

Nandu’s mentor, Anna (K K Menon) works for Usman (Piyush Mishra). For one of the jobs, in spite of Anna’s apprehension, Nandu decides to get involved on the insistence of Usman. On the run, Nandu accidentally knocks down Pinky. How Nandu redeems himself forms the narrative.

The story is wafer-thin, as such it was imperative for the creative-team to come up with a brilliant screenplay, but the screenplay is routine further marred with the clichés.

Lafangey Parindey initially utilizes the narrative style made popular by Mani Ratnam’s Yuva. It establishes Nandu’s story and then Pinky’s story and thus the narrative moves on.

Directorially there is no fault in Pradeep Sarkar’s story-telling, but the mundane and dull screenplay mars all other efforts.

What rocks the movie:
Performances by everyone in the cast Deepika Padukone is a complete natural.

What chucks the movie:
Music, none of the tracks are hummable
Title of the movie

The film has very limited scope and in spite of being an average film will not find any patronage whatsoever from the audiences.

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