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Swati Sen, the next Smita Patil or Tabu?

Swati Sen who won the Best Actress Award for her film, Sushil Rajpal's Antardwand is being hailed in the media as the new Smita Patil.

Her brilliant performance compelled Anurag Kashyap & Imtiaz Ali to go on record and call her amongst one of the finest actresses around.

Earlier seen in It's Breaking News, Anurag Kashyap in his blog has written "a stunning actress from FTII called SWATI", Imtiaz Ali has been quoted as saying 'Simply Brillant'

It is rather interesting how Swati got the coveted role in Sushil Rajpal's Antardwand. Swati says she was washing her face, as she turned around, she saw a lady. The lady was the casting director for the film. She asked Swati to meet Sushil Rajpal, and rest as they say is history.

Has bollywood discovered another 'gem', well time only will tell!

July 21 '10; the day Indian Film Industry got INDEPENDENT!