Dabangg spells trouble!

There have been instances in the past of people calling up on a phone-number given out on the poster of a film. Dabangg is no exception. A school located in an unknown town of Fatehpur Shekhawati in Sikar district is inundated with calls from fans of Salman Khan, reason being that the landline numbers of the school have been printed on the poster of Dabangg.

Not just that, but the poster also has the picture of the school along with a picture of a girl student Chanchal Moriya, all part of the collage that forms the background of Dabangg poster.

The owner of the New Rajasthan Secondary School, Mr. Om Prakash Jakhar, is extremely baffled by these developments. Ever since the movie released, people have been calling in wanting to speak to Salman or to understand the movie business. He has been receiving almost 400 calls every single day from places like Lucknow, Kolkata, Gwalior etc.

It wasn't until a caller from Ambala informed the owner that the numbers of his school were embossed on the poster of Dabangg that he figured the problem.

Considering the kind of harassment he has gone through, Om Prakash is now seeking legal help on the issue and would then take an action accordingly.

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