Giselle Reinberg - front-runner for Miss FashionTV 2013

The coveted Miss FashionTV 2013 is in full swing. Giselle Reinberg a model based in London is one of the front-runners for the Title. Giselle was born in Madison, Wisconsin USA. Her mother, is a former Beauty Queen from Suriname with some Japanese and West African heritage.

Naturally, winning beauty pageants runs in her blood. Discovered three years ago in Miami Beach, Giselle has since traveled to many of the major western fashion markets. Her favorite cities to model in are New York City and Istanbul. In the past year she was booked for several major campaigns in Europe, and she hopes to pursue modeling, TV, and media roles in Turkey and Europe. 

Giselle feels her exposure to incredibly creative people, and experiencing different cultures has made her develop as a person. Giselle describes herself as energetic, positive, fun, person while remaining a professional about her work. A multi-faceted creative soul, she likes to play classical guitar.