Press Release: IFFH - An Indian Film Festival in Houston

The Indian Film Festival of Houston returns for its 5th year in 2013. The inaugural festival’s success led to an even greater desire to spread the awareness of the Indian culture by expanding the horizons of an international audience through the film medium. The festival showcases Indian related films that can compete in the world stage and beyond Bollywood zany entertainers.

The Indian Film Festival of Houston (IFFH) is an official event on the International Film Festival circuit and some of the previous winners have been recognized on the international film circuit – one is an Oscar winner and another is an Oscar-nominated film.
IFFH offers Jury awards for Best Feature, Best Documentary, Best Short and Special Recognition Awards for Industry Leaders. Secondly IFFH will be giving scholarships to  students who are interested to attend Film and Television School in Houston.  

5th Annual IFFH will be held on between Oct 4-6, 2013
IFFH has a knack of picking up winners. The feature film “I am Kalam”  which won the award for Best Picture at IFFH 2011, a National Award and received critical acclaim at Cannes, Berlin and other film festivals.

The feature film "Gattu" which won the award for Best Picture at IFFH 2012, was acclaimed by critics and film reviewers all over the world, including the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival.

The festival will span 3 nights and will present more than 12 screenings. This makes it one of the most unique and original Indian film festivals in the south. The festival will feature film screenings, special symposia and educational events presented throughout the Houston area. The full Indian Film Festival of Houston line-up will be announced at August 31, 2013.

Film producer & Festival founder Sutapa Ghosh wants to be clear - not all Indian films are done in the Bollywood style. "We love Bollywood, but we're beyond Bollywood. The new generation has evolved into something new now. There was a stagnation for a long time, where we were doing the same thing over and over. Now, the younger generation is doing something different. We have documentaries, short films, off-beat independent films. we want to showcase the best of Indian related cinema at the world stage"

Permanent House for the IFFH Festival is from now Asia Society, which is very prestigious all over the world.  

The Indian Film Festival of Houston (IFFH) Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization devoted to education in the fields of film and television and in creating a greater appreciation of Indian cinema and culture by showcasing quality films that honor entertainment industry performers and film makers while promoting the diverse perspectives of the Indian Diaspora through an annual event.