Hollywood Martini

By: Surbhita Harchand Gupta

Its super bowl fever all over hollywood these days.Interested in the game or not the thing not to be missed was half time show. Katy Perry celebrated it  better with her performance been declared as the most-viewed Super Bowl half-time show in history. The US pop star performed during the high-profile slot on Sunday night, which was watched by average 118.5 million viewers.

Looks like Mila Kunis secretly tied the knot with her baby-daddy Ashton Kutcher! While the actress continues to play coy about the rumors, she was just spotted and photographed wearing her wedding band for the premier of her movie JUPITER ASCENDING. The movie starring new mom and CHANNING TATUM is one which looks quiet enticing from the traliers. Sci-Fi thrill is what it promises as it comes from makers of MATRIX TRILOGY.

Acclaimed actress and producer Reese Witherspoon is determined to change the way Hollywood treats women. She has set herself the difficult task of shifting Hollywood’s attitudes towards women, by both changing the way women are portrayed in Hollywood films and by changing the way female actresses are treated by the industry. Frustrated by the lack of strong female characters in Hollywood films, Witherspoon decided to enter the section of the industry that would allow her to change this persistent trend – production. Witherspoon established her own production company in 2013 in order to regain control over the types of films that get made in Hollywood and the way these films portray women. Looks like feminism is going to be redefined the hollywood way.