Grammy "Fashion OR Phuss-ion"

By: Surbhita Harchand Gupta

Grammy - the ultimate style statement of the music industry!
Did it really went Va Va Vroom on the eve of 57th annual Grammy Award Functions?

Well, fashionista, across the globe feel that while year after year the style at music’s biggest awards ceremony typically runs the gamut from crazy to crazier; this year it was a tad murkier rather than crazier!

Of course, over the years a few looks have hit the carpet that stand out to the youth across the globe, not because of their wackiness attribute, but because they’re just plain amazing! 

This year many celebs sashayed down the red-carpet! Rihanna has always surpassed style statement year after year as best dressed; but this year she exaggerated by wearing almost, what fashion-pundits cheekily coined as, 'a tent' to the function! Though personally, I feel she looked yum!

Katy Perry was greeted on the red carpet by Nicki Minaj in black Tom Ford, her decolletage out in a front slit cut to her waist. Lady Gaga showed off a high slit in her silver gown by Brandon Maxwell, dripping in Lorraine Schwartz diamonds and emeralds. Taylor Swift's turquoise Elie Saab drew curtains over a mini dress. These were the fashion statement of some of the in-news celebs with their high on style-quotient designers. 

Honestly, year after year, and this year was no different; while some celebrities hit the nail on the head in terms of their show-stopping gowns and bang on trendy style, some were so wide off the mark, one can’t believe they didn’t consult a mirror!