Bol News Advertorials For Best Cost-Effective Outreach Worldwide

Cost-effective Promotions and Brand-Outreach Solutions
for Brands to maximize outreach
Client: Gem Mines. Models get hampers and showcase product during Vienna Fashion Week

TVC's. Adfilms. Digital Videos. Social-Media Shorts. In-Film Tie-ups.

Brand Gem Mines, India
Years since integration 3-years
Objective Create Brand awareness worldwide
Solution Integration with #BNHAF Awards and Festival in India and International editions
Effect Generated 30,000 leads for client with in 10-months
75% of Advertising and Branding that is effective today is
Sponsorship. Brand Integrations. In-Film Branding. Product Placements.
Consumers exhausted of traditional brand communication
like newspaper-ads or radio-ads
Receive communication better, fused with entertainment perfect fit for Branding
ensures best outreach and manifold value with established verticals
Awards and Festival l Production-House l Talent Platform
Defining Attributes of Branding
Brand recall, each time film or content is screened/streamed
Brand visible even after 50 years and beyond
Quite unlike, print, radio, online & television

Across the world, cutting across continents
Consumers perceive Brands advertised in films, shows or series to be superior
After the initial run, the film has 'focused screenings' at
film festivals, universities, colleges and knowledge sessions worldwide

Knowledge session with Focused Screenings and Awards at IMS University Courses Campus
Visibility. Seamless integration. Value addition delivers all 
From mega-budget TVC's to ultra-low budget content
Films right from industrial conglomerates, tourism boards,
service-industry, brands to fashion-films for partner-brands
featuring models that walked fashion weeks - New York, Paris, Vienna
PRESS & MEDIA helps the Brands with most cost-effective outreach
Founder Amit KumaR Agarwal adds distinctive edge
Many Brands want innovative and engaging ways to connect with consumers has integrated following Brand Categories in feature films, music videos, shorts and 'Brand Films'
  • Shopping Mall
  • White Honey
  • Condom Brand
  • Cafe
  • Hospital
Bol-News Advertorials / Brand Films
Brand commissions advertorial or content
with subtle script-focus to highlight the Brand
Health Tips By Dr. Swarupa Mitra
Mental Health Tips for aspiring actor and model
Video below is made for our prime-sponsor 'Gem Mines'
The video positions the Brand / Sponsor as the 'very best in the category'
'Prestige value' is fused by featuring a mix of Hollywood stars and models
that have walked the 'Big 4' fashion weeks, New York, London, Paris, Milan