Italian Police Search for Terrorism Suspect Who Slipped Through Border

The Italian police are looking for a Tunisian man suspected of having terrorist ties who entered the country on Wednesday, traveling in a car with German license plates, according to officials.
Fouad Khaskhoussi, 36, was born in Tunisia and has German residency papers. The statement from the police, released this past week, said he was traveling in the car with Wassim Ben Hassem, 31, also born in Tunisia and lived in the Italian town of Reggio Emilia. They passed through the border security post in the Italian city of Como, which is on the border with Switzerland.

The Florence highway division of the state police circulated mug shots of the two men and said in a statement that they were traveling in a white Citroën with the German license plate DA411U.

An internal police document showed that Mr. Khaskhoussi appeared in Italy’s database of terrorism suspects. Officials in Italy expressed concern about the lapse about how such a suspect could cross the border.