New Talent: Letter from Bhagu ♥

Written By: Shreeya Katyal.

To my dear sons and daughters on earth,

I hope you all are in the pink of your health and for those who are presently facing any difficulty, I assure you that soon there will be smooth sailing!

Well, I am writing this letter to you my child just to say that I am closer to those children of mine who do not believe in my presence (Atheist) rather than those who doubt my existence and claim to be my devotees.

My Atheist children atleast have the guts to stage their thoughts and be true rather than being like those doubtful hypocrites who commit so many sins and accumulate negative karmas in my holy name.

I would suggest you not to defame me if you truly believe in me without any second thoughts and if you don't believe in me then be firm in that too and I promise that a day will come when you will not be able to doubt the presence of your creator. I am very well looking at all of you from here in heaven.

I bless you all my children.

Your Creator

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Shreeya Katyal is a writer, anchor and a budding film-maker.