Keen Interest in the Auction Process of Coal Mines for Sale of Coal

The Nominated Authority, Ministry of Coal, launched the auction process for coal mines under the CM (SP) Act and the MMDR Act earmarked for Sale of Coal on March 25, 2021. This is the second tranche of auction of coal mines for Sale of Coal which paves way for liberalisation of Indian coal sector enhancing efficiency, competition and private sector participation leading to development of a vibrant coal market, boosting economic growth and employment generation. 

The response to this auction tranche, till now, has been tremendous which is reflected in around 50 mine specific tender documents being purchased by the Bidders till date while many other prospective Bidders are in the process of registration and purchase of the tender documents from the auction portal. 

The bid submission date has been extended to enable interested parties to travel to mine locations for inspection once the lockdown conditions are removed in different States of India.