Quick Vaccination key to open the economy and go back to normal: Dr. V. K. Paul

  • Aim is to vaccinate at least one crore people a day: Dr. N. K. Arora
  • Public participation is key to success of Vaccination Drive
  • “Vaccine availability will not be an issue, 20 – 22 crore doses next month”
Member (Health), NITI Aayog, Dr. V. K. Paul informed that India has administered nearly 81 lakh vaccine doses, on the first day when the Revised Guidelines for COVID Vaccination came into force.
A Sign of India’s ability to Vaccinate at Scale: Dr. Paul said that the day one vaccination figures demonstrate India's ability to carry out vaccination on large scale for days and weeks together. "All this was possible because of planning and coordination between Central and state government and taking up the task work in mission mode.
Whether or not Third Wave occurs is in our hands: Dr. Paul reminded that a third wave can be stopped if COVID Appropriate Behaviour is followed and majority of people get vaccinated. “Why will there be a third wave if we follow COVID Appropriate Behaviour and get ourselves vaccinated? There are many countries where even second wave has not arrived; if we follow COVID appropriate behaviour, this period will pass."
Fast Vaccination is Key to go back to Normal: Dr. Paul underscored the importance of fast vaccination in order to enable India to open its economy and resume normal work. “We need to do our daily work, maintain our social life, open schools, businesses, take care of our economy; we will be able to do all this only when we are able to vaccinate at a fast pace”.
Vaccines are saving lives, now is the best time to take the vaccine: Dr. Paul said that it is a big mistake to think that our vaccines are unsafe. “All vaccines of the world have been approved under Emergency Use Authorization, just like our vaccines. People from various sections of society have taken these. "The second wave has now receded and it is the best time to take the COVID19 vaccine" he concluded.