Railways completes work on Valsad (ROB) on Dedicated Freight Corridor in record 20-days

Indian Railways’ PSU, Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India (DFCCIL) added yet another achievement by completing work of dismantling and reconstruction (after making way for DFC tracks) of Valsad Road Over Bridge (ROB) on the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor in the state of Gujarat in a record 20 day time.

Working in tandem with various Government agencies and the civil administration, the ROB which funnels busy traffic into Valsad ROB from the Mumbai-Delhi highway, a 20 day traffic block was secured on 02.06.2021 for dealing with this challenge.

Background: Work in Western DFC’s Vaitarana – Sachin section faced a bottleneck of crossing a ROB near Valsad Town in South Gujarat. The ROB work could not be started due to various limitations and track laying activities would have been adversely affected. Track laying projects using state of the art New Track Construction (NTC) machine, would have been affected.

The Solution: The project team geared up to take up this challenge. After many brainstorming sessions, an innovative solution was arrived at. The solution proposed was to insert a Twin precast box of 16m x 10m size on the approach of the ROB to take the NTC forward through it. The biggest challenge in doing this work was road traffic block, as this ROB is one of the busiest passages into the city of Valsad from Mumbai-Delhi highway. The whole work is planned to be completed in 20 days road traffic block.     

Extensive arrangements were made for pre-casting of these huge segments. Despite lock-downs and travel restrictions, a team of approximately 150 nos, including senior engineers toiled day & night to finish the casting works. Road traffic block was granted by the district administration of Valsad, responding favorably to the proposal.

The road traffic block of 20 days commenced on 02-06-2021 and the work is progressing as per planning. Four heavy duty hydraulic cranes having capacity varying from 300 MT to 500 MT are mobilized for the installation of these segments. Another challenge that was difficult to handle was solved by innovation in local handling of the segments. The precast segments are too big & heavy to handle without causing any internal stresses during handling. The Project Team has designed a special carrier using a multi-axle trailer fitted with a steel platform on it. The fabrication of the steel platform was completely done at site even during the period when the industrial oxygen supply was prohibited in the country. The team could overcome all such constraints by continuously striving for alternatives and by taping the collective wisdom & experience of the team.        

It may be noted that the Western Corridor connecting Dadri in Uttar Pradesh to Jawaharlal Nehru Port (JNPT) in Mumbai will traverse through the states of UP, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra of WDFC & EDFC.