World News Headlines

Queen Elizabeth II’s UK tourist income falls 53% in Covid-19 pandemic 
Tibet’s 1st electric railway line near India border to be inaugurated on Friday
Donald Trump to hold 'Save America' rally on July 3 in Florida
Taiwan condemns political oppression after closure of Hong Kong daily
Boris Johnson told lack of climate action puts COP26 in jeopardy
36 years after Kanishka bombing, Canada remembers the dead with commemorations
US intelligence warns Kabul could fall in 6 months after US pull-out: Report
Britney Spears tells judge: 'I want my life back'
Antivirus creator McAfee found dead in prison after court allows extradition
Delta variant now reported in 85 countries globally: WHO
Scientists developing universal vaccine to fight Covid-19 variants
US negotiators prepare for return to Iran for 7th round of nuclear talks