World News Headlines

All US-authorised Covid-19 vaccines effective against Delta

Australia further curbs new arrivals due to risks of Delta variant
Canadian PM calls emergency meeting to tackle wildfires in British Columbia
US troops leave Afghanistan's Bagram airfield after nearly two decades
World UFO Day observed worldwide
82-year-old Wally Funk, pioneering woman pilot to fly into space with Jeff Bezos
Covid-19: UAE bans citizens from travelling to India, Pakistan,
Imran Khan again ignores China's treatment of Uighurs
Trump not 'worst' US president in rankings by historians. Obama breaks into top 10
130 countries back deal on global minimum tax plan pushed at G7 Summit
Photos show China building over 100 'nuclear' missile silos, US voices concern
Canada Day eclipsed by graves found at indigenous school
Pakistan inducts China-made VT-4 battle tanks for offensive role