World News Headlines

Covid-19 cases rising again in US, daily count doubled in 3 weeks 

India asks Canada to lift ban on direct flights
White House to warn US companies about Hong Kong risks
Deaths climb to 72 in South Africa riots after Zuma jailed
92 killed in Covid hospital fire in Iraq  
Taliban warn Turkey against plans to stay
13 killed, including 9 Chinese nationals, in Pakistan bus blast: Officials
Sputnik V Covid vaccine's single dose triggers strong antibody response: Study
UAE allows mosques to hold Eid Al-Adha prayers for 15 minutes
Indonesia’s Covid cases surge past India, marking new epicenter
US vaccine shipment on hold as India sorts legal hurdles
Space Rice: China harvests 1st batch of seeds that traveled around moon
Trudeau treads lightly after Cuba cracks down on street protests
GOP state voting restrictions 'un-American,' Biden declares
Biden set to name Rahul Gupta as US’ top drug policy official
Facial recognition tech rolled out to fight Covid-19 in China's Ruili city