World News Headlines

Covid-19 pandemic: Japan widens emergency over 'frightening' spike

Biden tells states to offer $100 vaccine incentive as cases rise

Nanjing: New virus outbreak worst after Wuhan, say Chinese state media

Hong Kong: Tong Ying-kit, First person jailed under security law given nine years

Military deployed to help enforce lockdown in Sydney

Hong Kong crowd booing China's anthem sparks police probe

Britain could hit 40 Celsius soon due to climate change

Saudi Arabia to open for tourist visa holders starting August 1

CDC internal report calls Delta Variant as contagious as chickenpox

US to conduct rare 2nd lottery for H-1B visa applicants

International Space Station thrown out of control by misfire of Russian module: NASA

Taliban say flooding kills 150 in northeast Afghanistan

Russia’s daily COVID-19 deaths reach record high for third time