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This Friday's release Bell Bottom is inspired by true events that happened in early 80's, acts of multiple hijacks that rocked India.

The film opens with the hijacking of a flight. After much deliberation, Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi (Lara Dutta) assigns a raw-agent, code name, Bellbottom (Akshay Kumar) to rescue the passengers & crew of a plane hijacked by terrorists aided by pakistan's ISI under the instructions of pakistani government - condition being, before sunset.
How Bellbottom goes about his job and succeeds in the end forms the films' crux.

Akshay Kumar is the master of this genre, having perfected it with two earlier successes, Baby & Airlift. The film has a taut screenplay and fuses seamlessly the backstory of Bellbottom. The success of the film lies in the fact that there is a punch right till the very end.
Ranjit M. Tewari, after a very forgettable debut with Lucknow Central, bounces back with the film; firmly in control this time. The most notable feature of the film other than the acting is the background score, crisp, to the point and augmenting and highlighting each scene to it's optimal. Daniel B. George deserves full marks for doing an outstanding score.
Akshay Kumar in the title role is the lifeline of the film. Though he has played such roles many times, he adds novelty to the character, yet again. Vaani Kapoor is perfect as his wife and gives the right twist in the end. Lara Dutta is first-rate as Indira Gandhi, full marks to make-up and VFX artistes to get the look. Huma Qureshi is effective as MI6 agent, though she looks old in a few scenes. Zain Khan Durrani impresses in the villainous act. Adil Hussain is competent as Bellbottom's boss. Rest of cast leaves an impression as well.
Though there are many goofs in production-design corresponding to the setting of the film, 1979 to 1984, audience at large won't be able to catch it.
All in all the success of Bellbottom will give the right fillip (though hugely limited) to cinemas; as also, ensure the roll-out of Belbottom 2.