Media, films & film critics!

By: Amit KumaR Agarwal

It is no secret that media-outlets worldwide have advertorials and covert advertising. Same goes for film critics as well.
The case of Samrat Prithvitraj highlights it to the fore, there is a certain film critic that is promoting the south films releasing tomorrow (Major and Vikram) since the past three days. Implying, even before release that they are hits. No issues. The issue, as a neutral trade-pundit points is, he is simply not reporting on Prithviraj, even the big news that almost all film-critics reported that Prithviraj is now titled Samrat Prithviraj.
A film portal very correctly summed it up. The South films  due to release in Hindi circuits this week and compete with Samrat Prithviraj have been getting support from the media be it national or film industry media but this has all become a PAID PR exercise today and YRF the makers of Samrat Prithviraj do not indulge the media in this way.
YRF is known for not keeping even, press-screenings for the media! 

These film critics really harm the industry, reason being they hail few actors and few filmmakers such that the people at large take even their flop films to be hits, whereas the fact is otherwise. However, when the bubble bursts, it entail heavy losses to the industry.