Olivia Newton John l Obituary

Obituary - Olivia Newton John
Olivia Newton John a name synonymous with the cult film Grease.
An amazing actor, fantastic singer, cancer activist, she had people of various generations fall for her charm, Olivia Newton John breathed her last on Monday, August 8, at the age of 73 as reported by her husband. She passed away peacefully surrounded by her close family and friends.

After being an already established pop-star who had many hits under her name, she became a well established actor after playing a role in the one of the biggest musical movie of all time, Grease. The films' stupendous success only added to her already established fame.
She gave one of the stand out performance in the movie Grease, in spite of being apprehensive of playing the role mainly because of having little experience in acting and felt she looked too old to play a role of high school senior.
She went on become one of the biggest stars and balanced well both her singing and acting career. A legend of an actor, an exceptional singer, Olivia Newton John was a hero in real too, who was a political activist and advocated towards awareness of Cancer, which made many people come forward to donate funds for the cause. 

She always believed she should raise her voice towards what she was passionate about. After fighting a long battle with breast cancer, for decades, she left a us all mourning for her.
Surely her legacy will be lived and carried on forever in our hearts, her music forever engraved in our heart and soul.
written by: Goutami Ganachari