Women Empowermet l My body, my choices (terms and conditions apply) - the lives of women

By: Goutami Ganachari

In the recent past, a judgement shook the entire world, more so the lives of the women.
The judgement was many states in the United States banning abortion. A right, as necessary and as basic for a woman was robbed away from them. Imagine snatching away something which is so personal for any woman regarding her own body.
In spite of facing so much of backlash from across the globe, it still didn't stop them from giving out orders on women's constitutional rights by ruling out any possibilities of having a "choice". This judgement will forever remain as a black mark in the history of US with so much of blood on their hands.
To put it in historic perspective, abortion wasn't illegal in the US. It protected women's rights to bodily autonomy since the 1970s, but in 2022, instead of working more for the safety of women, abortion was banned in several states. A right which was legal since ages was suddenly taken away from its citizens in the name of trying to "save" the lives of foetus born out of sexual violation of a woman. This makes us have no hopes for a woman to have a fair chance at life, when the decision to keep or not keep the baby is already established by men sitting in the authority.
The present is bleak as it is, the future of the women now looks doomed! What was even more shocking was there were many who came in support of this favour and thought the justice was upheld, which was essential for democracy. It was a grave injustice to all the women in the country. So many anti-abortion protesters who were shouting how killing a baby while still in the womb was a great sin, forgot all about unplanned pregnancies, sexual assaults and rapes. What if the woman is unable to raise a child or is not capable of raising a child. What if a child is a burden on a woman, the mother. Will such a child contribute constructively to the society?
The world isn't just black and white, it has shades of grey too!
There was more to right to abortion than it seemed. The trauma, pain, anguish, agony that came up with it was all sidelined and blurred and trivialized. Women's rights were violated repeatedly, their cries were unheard, and everyone around them dared not to utter a word and remain voiceless. But what about our conscience? Or is it polluted too?