Opinion l The great conspiracy.

By: Goutami Ganachari

A mafia that had been going on for years, targeting the vulnerable and weak class of people in the name of "education". 
Ideally education is a necessity, but ironically, for many poor families education is a privilege not accessible to everyone!
Today critics aver, arguably, that education might have been reduced to, a bunch of vultures attacking the poor people in the name of "giving a bright future for your children". The coaching institutes who are well established in the market, specifically target the marginalized workers who can barely afford three square meals a day. And are made feel guilty for not giving quality education for their kids by not sending them to their institutions.
This is a tried and tested method which mostly never fails. Because emotional guilt does the trick! One of the top educational company spent around 800 crores on its marketing in 2020. Thriving on the guilty of the poor has always been one of their agenda to mint more money. And what more? The said company is also the Indian National Cricket team’s jersey sponsor!
The sponsorship only adds to the institutes name and fame. But are they giving real hopes and promises to all the parents that their kids will excel only once they start learning from their coaching, or is it just a hogwash? Of course, the parents would know better.
Recently we also saw how the JEE toppers name and picture was printed on the front pages of all the prominent newspapers promoting various well known major institutes. Surely the topper didn't take coaching from all of them? This is a major bait which eventually catches a big fish for the upcoming academic year. And this goes on and on!
What's sad is that no one's going to stop them. While they are riding high on their success the only thing that's going high for the students is the fee and expectations. And the "right to education" act is, may be,  somewhere collecting dust in those books. Or may be not; but as I mentioned earlier, the parents and the students are best to answer, whether it is 'the great conspiracy'!